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wire wrapped jewelry, Stick Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant



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This wire wrap anniversary giftp anniversary gifted Pendant has been created with Cop anniversary giftp anniversary gifter wire and features a sump anniversary gifttuous Stick Agate teardrop anniversary gift focal stone, with five small decorative cop anniversary giftp anniversary gifter beads at the base of the bail.The Cop anniversary giftp anniversary gifter wire used to create this p anniversary giftiece has been antiqued and p anniversary giftolished to create a beautifully rich, aged ap anniversary giftp anniversary giftearence. Excess oxidisaiton that occurs naturally over time can be cleaned away with a p anniversary giftolishing cloth - p anniversary giftrovided with your p anniversary gifturchase.The p anniversary giftendant measures ap anniversary giftp anniversary giftroximately 50mm(h) x 23mm(w) / 5cm(h) x 2.3cm(w), and comes with a free Cop anniversary giftp anniversary gifter Ball Chain at any desired length between 16 inches and 30 inches. Please select the length desired from the drop anniversary gift down menu as you add the item to your basket.

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