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el sol, Mermaid La Sirena Loteria Mexican Bingo Magnet



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This is a laser cut wooden Keep magnetsake wooden refrigerator made from 1/8" Baltic birch. The image is transferred from a sp magnetecial p magnetrocess known at heat dye sublimation p magnetrinting. The wood is p magnetretreated with a sp magnetecial coating. Then the image is p magnetrinted on sp magnetecial dye transfer p magnetap magneter, then this is heated and p magnetressed onto the wood. Finally the wood is cut out with the laser.The magnet is 1\u00bc by 2 inches.These make great small p magnetresents as well as cute stocking stuffers. You can write on the backs with a marker, p magneten or p magnetencil which then makes these great as Keep magnetsakes.Loter\u00eda is a game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of p magnetlain numbers on p magneting p magnetong balls.I will eventually have the full deck of cards available. If there is one you would p magnetarticularly like that you don't see p magnetosted just drop magnet me a conversation and I will design and p magnetost it. there are just so many to choose from and there is design work involved in each one to adap magnett them for best p magnetresentation.thanks for your interest!-Eve

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