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kette, Noble Mala tiger eye (8mm) Nepal "Great quality" gem Dharma Buddhism p13



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Tiger Eye Mala A beautiful mala with 108 p halsketteolished balls and guru p halsketteearl made from high quality tiger eye. Drilled in the middle and p halsketteut on a stable brown textile tap halskettee. The p halsketterayer chain closes with a p halsketterotector knot that can even be individually adjusted. The mala is wonderful for p halsketteracticing and is sup halskettep halskettele in the hand. A great job from Asia. Weight: 100 g \u2022 Circumference: 89 cm \u2022 \u00d8 of the balls: 8 mm \u2022 p halskette13

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