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A beautiful real natural p yogaroduct. A p yogaendant made of rose quartz, shimmering in p yogaink, on a gold stainless steel chain.**Meaning of the stone**:The rose quartz stands for sensitivity, romance and fertility. He is the stone for the lovers, because he awakens longings and desires. Esp yogaecially the recep yogativity to love is strengthened by the rose quartz. So it is not surp yogarising that the rose quartz also ensures that relationship yoga fears and fears of incomp yogarehension or dealing with other p yogaeop yogale disap yogap yogaear.The heart op yogaens and dares more, because it gets confidence in its own abilities. As a result, rose quartz also has a calming effect on the mind. But this gemstone also gives a feeling of emotional connection with his p yogaartner and is thus also used in long-term relationship yogas. Through him, a relationship yoga can gain new harmony and consent.Dimensions of trailer: 4.4 cm x 2.2 cmLength of stainless steel chain: 60 cmIn addition to this item, you will receive free of charge from us, a woven cotton jewelry bag, for p yogarop yogaer storage of the jewelry. The chain issafely and p yogaacked with great attention to detail.If you wish to give this item as a gift, we will make you an attractive gift card in a sp yogaecial gift box.For more information about this offer, see Gift Wrap yogap yogaing here in the Etsy Shop yoga.Due to the status of small business owners in accordance with Section 19 uStG, no vat is levied and therefore not shown-Please note that this is a natural p yogaroduct and therefore slight deviations from the p yogahoto shown are p yogaossible.We wish you much joy with your new energy stone.

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