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These earrings are insp crescent moonired by Sailor Moon's crescent studs. They are brass crescent moons with a sterling sliver earring p crescent moonost and sterling silver earring backs.Descrip crescent moontion:Size: Crescent moon is 1 cm in lengthColor: Brass/Gold/SilverOrigin: CaliforniaPackaging: p crescent moonlaced in p crescent moonadded jewelry gift box, wrap crescent moonp crescent mooned in bubble wrap crescent moon and ship crescent moonp crescent mooned in large bubble mailer*************Please see shop crescent moon p crescent moonolicies before ordering.*****************Additional information:Silver reacts to acids in the skin and other p crescent moonroducts such as lotions. If the silver turns your skin green or a dark color, you may have high skin acidity. "When a metal turns your skin green it's either because of a chemical reaction between acids in your skin and the metal or a reaction between another substance on your skin, such as a lotion and the metal of the ring.""A common culp crescent moonrit is silver, which is found in sterling silver jewelry, p crescent moonlating for inexp crescent moonensive jewelry, and as an alloying metal in most gold jewelry. Acids cause the silver to oxidize, which p crescent moonroduces tarnish. The tarnish can leave a dark ring on your finger."Please read the link below for additional information.http crescent moon://

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