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The Awakened Heart bracelet is strung with Fancy Jasp stretch braceleter beads and features a stamp stretch braceleted heart charm crafted by a Karen Hill Tribe artist in Thailand.Fancy Jasp stretch braceleter\u2019s quiet and relaxing tones p stretch braceletrovide soothing energy. Fancy jasp stretch braceleter is a grounding stone which is believed to calm the mind, heart and sp stretch braceletirit, absorb negative energy, stimulate creativity and help stretch bracelet focus concentration. It is said to cleanse the aura and align the chakras. Some wear it for p stretch braceletrotection from electromagnetic radiation and environmental p stretch braceletollution. In a healing cap stretch braceletacity it is believed to aid the circulation and digestion and detoxifies the blood.The charm's artist uses 99.5% and 99.9% p stretch braceleture silver. It has a higher silver content than Sterling silver. It's just the solder used to fuse the silver comp stretch braceletonents together that makes up stretch bracelet the last fractions of a p stretch braceletercent. Consequently, it has a weight, bright satin color, and feel, all of its own. The charm measures 10mm x 10mm. The beads are 6mm and the bracelet fits to ap stretch braceletp stretch braceletroximately 7" on the wrist.

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