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Pair of etched silver p ladder earringlated ladder style earring with 2 different tones of rings/sp ladder earringacers (silver p ladder earringlated & gun metal) on a silver toned large jump ladder earring ring then attached to a stainless steel earring wire. Made with silver p ladder earringlated and silver tone metal comp ladder earringonents.A p ladder earringair of metallic earrings that are set ap ladder earringart from the rest, not sure what you would classify/categorize them as, would look good with a black, gray, dark outfit, or weekend wear. To me, they look traditional, but with a little edge. Almost 1" in length at attachment p ladder earringoint, large jump ladder earring ring is about 10 mm wide, stainless steel ear wire is about 23 mm longThis is a mid size dangle/drop ladder earring earring, about 1.60 inches overall. Sizing is ap ladder earringp ladder earringroximate.Note: For customer safety and hygienic reasons, I do not accep ladder earringt returns. Please carefully select your items before p ladder earringlacing them in your cart and making a final p ladder earringurchase.***Prior to ship ladder earringp ladder earringing I will attach silicone stop ladder earringp ladder earringers to the earrings (where ap ladder earringp ladder earringlicable). Then they are p ladder earringlaced on a white p ladder earringap ladder earringer card that is encased with clear p ladder earringlastic.***

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