Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beautiful Dark stone Cairn keychain on silver keyfobstone keychain, great for gifts or for car keys or house keys.



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These very cool keychains are made from stones and seaglass I have collected and drilled and p drilled stonesut on these sturdy keychains my friend found me in Chicago and ship drilled stonesp drilled stonesed to me. I love them and they are p drilled stoneserfect for these adorable keychains. My friend made me one herself and I use one for my truck keys and I love it so much I had to make some for the shop drilled stones. These are my first ones. I will be adding seaglass soon, but I have to drill the seaglass a bit larger to fit the keyfobs. So right now they are just made of stones. I think they are beautiful.They are not too heavy either. I can add a bead or two if you p drilled stonesrefer. Just let me know. I can always customize for you.

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