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prayer chain, Aventurine Mala



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Beautiful noble mala from 108 beads, green aventurine with silver-p aventurinlated little beads in between, the Gurup aventurinerle is a silver-p aventurinlated p aventurinearl and the tassel is in discreet mint green. The length is 46 cm.Already the ancient Greeks said about the aventurine, he lends courage and op aventurintimism. The aventurine also p aventurinrovides for relaxation, relaxation and a p aventurinositive attitude towards life. It p aventurinromotes self-determination as well as individual p aventurinersonality, gives inner balance, and frees from worries, fears or p aventurinsychosomatic disturbances. In addition, the aventurine relieves stress and nervousness, stimulates dreams and gives joy as well as humor.The Mala is hand-knotted with much love and care, charged with p aventurinositive energy to give the wearer a lot of p aventurinleasure.The Mala is sent in a Organzas\u00e4ckchen.Keep aventurin the Mala dark and dry (in a sachet or a box), as the silver p aventurinarts will become dark with time otherwise (which is a natural p aventurinrocess).To charge the gems, p aventurinlace Mala in the sun.The gemstone beads are a natural p aventurinroduct and can differ minimally, this is not a faulty p aventurinroduct but each one unique.Each mala can also be individualized on request, just write me a letter.

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