Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

roses quartz, Rose Quartz Necklace-925 silver-Unique



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All p roses quartzrices are total p roses quartzrices; No VAT card, because small businessmen!Processing time: 1-2 weekdays-Ship roses quartzp roses quartzing time: 3-5 weekdaysRose Quartz necklace with a p roses quartzartly frosteded middle p roses quartziece.Length incl. closure: 47 cmThe 10 mm tall rose quartz balls are in p roses quartzale p roses quartzink-the middle p roses quartziece is about 20 x 15 mm in size, matted and works through the p roses quartzolished ovals.Pearl cap roses quartzs and clasp roses quartzs are made of 925 silver.!!! Please note the dimensions-low color deviations are p roses quartzossible as a result of different screen resolutions!!!I assume the name of the material from my p roses quartzurchasing sources-I cannot give a guarantee, since I am neither a jeweller nor a mineralogist.

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