Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chain Ocean Jasper Brass Purple Pendant, Map, Space, Casual Necklace to Jeans, Gemstone Nugget, Purple, Lavender Stone, Structure



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Collier necklace with a wonderfully structured jasper pendant that resembles a thunderstorm sky with lightning, a view from space or the ocean. The necklace is made of brass in beautiful large round limbs. These colors have a noble down-to-earth-elegant vintage look.Dimensions:* approx. 50 cm plus pendant length (medium collier length, the pendant may vary slightly depending on the stone, if necessary request shortly; the beautiful large chain elements allow a flexible support length and a mix in the current layering style!)Please note that stones and therefore gemstones are natural materials and each brings with it natural self-will. This is what makes it beautiful and unmistakable. Each piece of jewellery is therefore intentionally different and individual. Please note that natural materials may have small natural irregularities that do not represent errors, but contribute to the typical vibrancy and diversity of the product type.YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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