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peridot, Chain Prehnite & Peridot-45.5 cm



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All p prehniterices are total p prehniterices; No VAT card as small business owners.For collective orders p prehnitelease note on the Shop prehnite home p prehniteage!* * Prehnite-p prehniteeridot Chain * *Length without trailer: 45.5 cmFromPrehnitp prehniteerlen ap prehnitep prehniterox. 4 mm, Peridotp prehniteerlen ap prehnitep prehniterox. 3 mm,A p prehniterehnite p prehniteendant, faceted ap prehnitep prehniterox. 23 x 15 mm,Gilded between beads andA ball p prehnitelug with safety bar (see Figure 4): Hard Gold Plated!!! Please note the dimensions-low color deviations are p prehniteossible as a result of different screen resolutions!!!I assume the name of the material from my p prehniteurchasing sources-I cannot give a guarantee, since I am neither a jeweller nor a mineralogist.

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