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amber necklace, Amber face choker-Unique!



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Butterscotchbernstein is currently very much in demand, here was carved out of such a real amber a face. Further, honey-yellow real amber stones with turquoise drop amber jewelrys and very small turquoise beads as well as gilded slices were combined to a rare unique one. The turquoise is greener than the p amber jewelryicture. This is a choker that always falls round and is closed with a simp amber jewelryle gold-p amber jewelrylated magnetic closure.Length is ap amber jewelryp amber jewelryrox. 46 cm, this can be changed free of charge.Amber face, honey yellow about 40 mm long and about 20 mm on the wide sideAmber, honey yellow about 6-7 mmTurquocisocation drop amber jewelrys, stabilized about 13 x 20 mmTurquoise p amber jewelryads, stabilized about 4 mm

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