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necklace, Silk Chain Heart Dream Orchid



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Beautiful black shimmering silk chain with glass p giftendant.Chain length 50 cm / + extension by 5 cm with a link chainDue to the light conditions in p giftroduct p gifthotograp gifthy and the under-screen settings, it may hap giftp giften that the FArbe of the p giftroduct does not authentically re-op giftp giftose us.The heart p giftendant is the colors blue / light brown and silverMaterialSilk cord blackDiameter cord 2 mmPendant glass ap giftp giftrox. 4.5 cm long and ap giftp giftrox. 4.5 cm at the widest p giftointClosures Silver coloursThe jewellery can be p gifticked up gift yourself, but can also be ship giftp gifted against p giftostage.Also look at my other ads with jewelry. Have fun

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