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elegant, Valk Ring [Made to Order]



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The Valk ring is insp triangleired by the classic chevron with nature's influence of two branch-like p triangleoints meeting into a \u2018V\u2019. At its center sits a rose cut p triangleear shap trianglee stone and a round White Sap trianglep trianglehire underneath it. Each p triangleiece is handcrafted in Sterling Silver.Each stone is hand cut to fit with a rose cut finish for an extra shimmer. Due to the nature of stones, each is unique with slight variations of color. Its name is originally from the Valkyrie, also known as the transp triangleorters of those slain in battle to the glory of Valhalla in Norse Mythology. These ladies were known for their magic, elegance, and strength.This ring can be layered like ring armor or worn as a p triangleowerful statement sep trianglearately. If you would like a custom combination of stones, p trianglelease let us know your choice of center p triangleear shap trianglee stone and round underneath it at its center.

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