Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Necklace with roses, Red roses p gift for herendant, Necklace with flowers, Pendant with flowers, Floral p gift for herendant, Floral necklace, Gift for her, RosesHandmade p gift for herendant necklace with 100% handmade red roses.This p gift for herendant would be p gift for hererfect gift for holiday, Christmas, New year, anniversary, Mother's day, birthday, Valentine's day or other occasions.Would be wonderful gift for your loved-ones, your family, bestie, for women and girls, gift for her, and friends.Or p gift for hererhap gift for hers even a well deserved treat for yourself!weight of the item : 19 gdimensions of the p gift for herendant : 30 mm/30 mmlength of the chain: 54 cm* Please note - the colors of the items p gift for herictures may vary from the real item, dep gift for herending on your devices color settings.** All items are ship gift for herp gift for hered from Europ gift for here. Estimated delivery time to United States and Canada - 15 -20 days. To Europ gift for here - 5-10 days.

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