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Rare Japanese Champleve and Ginbari Foil Enamel Cloisonne Dragon Belt Buckle



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What a spectacular find! This Japanese Art Nouveau era belt buckle is simply divine. Featuring a fantastic Imperial dragon among a framework of clouds. Flames surround the magnificent creature adding to the dramatic effect. The buckle is fashioned in cloisonne enamel surmounted on a vibrant green ginbari foil champleve enamel background. This gives the dragon a more dynamic three dimensional appearance. The buckle is from the Meiji period in Japan and dates to around 1900-1910. It is in perfect condition. It has cross bars on the back for attaching to a belt. It can also be attached as an embellishment on a handbag or purse. The possibilities are endlesss. Cloisonne buckles of this caliber with ginbari work are quite rare. Measurements are 3 3/8" by 2 1/8" and the back bars measure 1 5/8". This buckle will come in a beautiful silk brocade Chinese jewelry bag.

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