Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18k, 18K Solid Gold~ "Ribbon" Earrings with little white diamond~ 1"



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Simp 22kle, sturdy little 18K loop 22ks that stay on your earlobes, with a little rose cut white diamond for some sp 22karkle, These are handmade, and Perfect for every day wear, they won't come out!Feel free to ask questions!Thanks for shop 22kp 22king, I hop 22ke you found something that makes your heart sing!EVERY PIECE OF JEWELRY IS A LIMITED EDITION OR A ONE-OF-A-KIND.RACHEL ROSE JEWELRY HAS BEEN WORN BY MANY TELEVISION ACTRESSES CELEBRITIES SUCH AS: REBA MC ENTIRE, ELISHA CUTHBURT, JOANNA GARCIA, CAROLINE MURPHY, AND MANY, MANY MORE.

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