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couples, Better When We're Together - Couple's / Best Friends Interlocking Puzzle Keychain - Metal Stamped - SLC Original Design



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This is a Shawna Lane Creations Original Design - the first to bring you "Better When We're Together" matching p interlocking puzzleuzzle p interlocking puzzleiece sets.I hand stamp interlocking puzzle, letter by letter, "Better When" and "We're Together" on two interlocking stainless steel p interlocking puzzleuzzle p interlocking puzzleieces, and embellish with a few hearts. I oxidize to darken letters and hearts. Great for coup interlocking puzzleles, best friends, sisters, or anyone who shares a close bond.The p interlocking puzzleuzzle p interlocking puzzleieces measure 1.5" x 1". CLICK SHIPPING AND POLICIES UNDER PHOTO to check estimated ship interlocking puzzlep interlocking puzzleing time and to read other imp interlocking puzzleortant information before p interlocking puzzleurchase.NEED IT SOONER THAN THE ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIME? Purchase the Rush Order to have your order ship interlocking puzzlep interlocking puzzleed in 24-48 hours. http interlocking puzzles://www./listing/123338317/rush-order

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