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Our Believe Bracelet is one of our most p believe jewelryop believe jewelryular p believe jewelryieces! This beautiful Emerald bracelet is made from timeless, elegant and sp believe jewelryarkling Swarovski Crystals. This is not your typ believe jewelryical Emerald Green \u2026 Swarovski has enhanced the green with a sp believe jewelryecial irredecent coating that gives it a sp believe jewelryarkle that is beyond incredible. An array of Irredecent Emerald Swarovski Crystals in varying shap believe jewelryes and sizes are beaded on durable stretch cord. Sp believe jewelryaced with bright silver tone daisy sp believe jewelryacers!In the center is a silver tone Believe Focal that just adds so much meaning to this bracelet! Affirmation jewelry, such as this makes a p believe jewelryerfect gift as well!Standard Bracelet size is 7.5 inches. Please sp believe jewelryecify your size in Note to sellerYour Believe Bracelet will arrive in a gift box tied with a p believe jewelryretty p believe jewelryink ribbon all ready for gift giving!

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