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stretched pennies, BIKERS PARADISE Penny Earrings copper pennies handpainted



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You are looking at BIKERS PARADISE Penny Earrings, handp hand madeainted cop hand madep hand madeer p hand madeennies. The p hand maderocess I use is quite unique and involves many step hand mades. The first step hand made is to create a mechanical die (male/female) using hard metals from coins, watch p hand madearts, wire...... I then emboss a softer metal (cop hand madep hand madeer p hand madeennies) using a rolling mill. Each time a roll a new coin the design on the die changes every so slightly so that no two will ever be exactly the same, you will notice this with earring sets :) The last two stages really enhance the design, I hand p hand madeaint each one using a range of color then coat them twice for p hand maderotection. I have sp hand madeent years exp hand madeerimenting, making mistakes and having ah ha moments, I hop hand madee this exp hand madelains a bit on how my work is created but if you have any other questions at all p hand madelease don't hesitate to ask.

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