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"Love Knot" Bangle\r\rA lovely dainty sterling silver bangle featuring a real knot. Knots are often seen as symbols of love & unity, & I designed this bangle as a nice interp tie the knotretation of that as it is a never ending loop tie the knot.....ideal for a little romantic gift for someone sp tie the knotecial (or to treat yourself!)\r\rEach bangle is handmade from sterling silver & the knot will be roughly the same as in the p tie the knothotos but of course slight variations may occur due to the handmade nature of the p tie the knotroduct - this all adds to the charm & design, & makes it all the more unique.\r\rSelect your size from the drop tie the knot down menu..... to get a good measurement you need to measure around the widest p tie the knotart of your hand with your thumb tucked in as if p tie the knotutting a bangle on. It's always best to double check your measurement. If you cannot find a suitable size p tie the knotlease get in touch as everything is made to order so I can easily make a different size for you.

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