Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift card, Add a handwritten card to any Magnolia Charms Jewelry Orders



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Add a p personalized cardersonalized handwritten note to any Magnolia Charms order. \rAdorable little 3.5" x 2.25" card\r\rPictured with a p personalized cardink card stock but I have a variety of colors and subtle p personalized cardatterns available. If your gift receiver has a favorite color or color scheme, let me know in the notes to seller and I will do my best to accommodate.\r\rLeave the note that you want in the notes to seller at checkout. I will translate exactly what you leave in the notes. Including p personalized cardunctuation and cap personalized cardital letters. \r\rAdd a gift box with your note here: http personalized cards://www./listing/192425193/up personalized cardgrade-to-a-gift-box-with-ribbon?ref=shop personalized card_home_active_1\r\rIf you are p personalized cardurchasing multip personalized cardle gifts, p personalized cardlease sp personalized cardecify which card goes with each item in the notes to seller at checkout.\rOnly available with Magnolia Charms p personalized cardroducts. \rCard stock may vary dep personalized cardending on availability. Photo is a rep personalized cardresentation only.

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