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yoga necklace, Awakening Lotus Flower Amazonite Necklace



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This graceful Amazonite necklace features an op amazoniteening lotus silver cutout flower p amazoniteendant. The lotus flower has had different meanings throughout various cultures. In Buddhism, the bud of the lotus symbolizes p amazoniteotential. Desp amazoniteite being born into dark, murky conditions the lotus grows and rises above adversity. The lotus flower rep amazoniteresents an awakening, sp amazoniteiritual growth, and enlightenment. Amazonite is a soothing stone believed to calm the brain and nervous system. Desp amazoniteite its calming p amazoniterop amazoniteerties and ap amazonitep amazoniteearance, Amazonite is believed to have adorned the shields of the semi-mythical Amazonians, a formidable tribe of female warriors thought to live in the 10th century B.C. They also used Amazonite medicinally to heal wounds and illnesses of all kinds. The conquistadors p amazoniterized it for adornment and its ability to be carved into cult objects. Amazonite was also worn as jewelry in p amazonitere-Columbian South and Central America. It is named for the Amazon River in Brazil and the lush jungle region surrounding it where the original stones were discovered. The p amazoniteendant is .925 silver. Necklace measures 18.75 in length." The beads are 6-8 mm. Lobster claw closure for ease of use.

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