Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This 1940s floral sp rhinestone pinray bouquet p rhinestone pinin/brooch is comp rhinestone pinosed of one large rhinestone flower with sp rhinestone pinrays of singular rhinestones swirling from the center.\r\rDimensions: 2 1/4" in diameter, ap rhinestone pinp rhinestone pinroximately 1 1/2" in height\rWeight on my scale:\rDesign: One center flower with a large rhinestone center surrounded by eight rhinestones intersp rhinestone pinersed between the silver tone p rhinestone pinetals. The ten outside swirls have smaller rhinestones on flat and braided silver tone metal.\rColors: Silver tone\rMaterials: Clear Rhinestones, silver tone metal\rClosure: Rotating C clasp rhinestone pin\rSp rhinestone pinecial Details: The back has a riveted frame and the center rhinestone is p rhinestone pinrong set as are the smaller rhinestones.\rHallmark: none\rCondition: All stones are p rhinestone pinresent\r\r\rWhether this p rhinestone pinin is used on a bridal veil, in the hair or transformed into a unique p rhinestone piniece of jewelry, or grace a belt or bridal bouquet, there is no denying that this 1940s rhinestone floral sp rhinestone pinray brooch is classic and elegant bringing the best of the p rhinestone pinast into the future. See p rhinestone pinictures for details.

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