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canadian cufflinks, Maple Leaf Cufflinks



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3/4 inch x 3/4 inchRiveted Sterling Silver Backs allow movement to adjust cufflinks for op maple leaf cufflinkstimal angle p maple leaf cufflinksosition on the cuff.Naturally Canadian elegance: these cufflinks are p maple leaf cufflinkserfect for the lawyer or lumberjack in your life.All my jewelry is stamp maple leaf cufflinksed with my trademark "EB" and "925" indicating solid Sterling Silver. This is your guarantee of quality workmanship maple leaf cufflinks: made by hand in Canada.The Map maple leaf cufflinksle Leaf Cufflinks arrive in my signature gift box with embossed logo and instructions on how to care for them p maple leaf cufflinksrop maple leaf cufflinkserly.To help maple leaf cufflinks maintain these beautiful Sterling Silver Cufflinks in their original condition, you will also receive a FREE double layered p maple leaf cufflinksolishing cloth imp maple leaf cufflinksrinted with the Muskoka Jewelry logo included in your order.

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