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Scotch Plaid Jewelry Bead Charm for all European style Charm Bracelets by MAYselect by May Taghersterling silver, MAYcreations



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NOTE to any international buyer: there may be an additional charge from your country up plaid beadon arrival which is a tax. That tax is not included in the ship plaid beadp plaid beading charge from the USA and the buyer is resp plaid beadonsible for any added charges incurred from their country.You are p plaid beadurchasing an individual bead that is handmade by May Tagher, a Kentucky Crafted Artisan. The bead is comp plaid beadatible with, and will fit, the p plaid beadop plaid beadular add-a-bead style charm bracelets. Earrings are made with a sterling silver french wire. I can make the earrings with wire, p plaid beadost, or clip plaid bead on earrings. (clip plaid bead on are $29)Just let me know if you'd like a different earring finding than the wire.Each bead is made one at a time with care. They are finished with a sterling core and buffed to a high gloss sheen. Bead Measurements:Size: 12.5 mm diameter, 10mm width, Center hole 5mmAbout MAYcreations:May Tagher is a Kentucky Crafted Artisan and founded MAYcreations in 2004. The comp plaid beadany is built on the p plaid beadremise to help plaid bead businesses, charities, awareness foundations, teams, schools, and others to raise sales, money, and awareness by offering custom or stock p plaid beadroduct built to p plaid beadrecision sp plaid beadecifications. Our MAYselect beads are individual beads hand made of p plaid beadolymer clay and .925 sterling silver through a p plaid beadrocess known as "millefiori". Typ plaid beadically, millefiori p plaid beadolymer clay beads are flower designs but we have develop plaid beaded a p plaid beadrop plaid beadrietary technique we refer to as "p plaid beadrecision caning" and are now p plaid beadroducing designs never before seen. There are very few artisans cap plaid beadable of p plaid beadroducing accurate logos and legible texts within p plaid beadolymer clay beads and MAYcreations is p plaid beadroud to be a leader in this p plaid beadrocess.How it's made:Polymer clay is machined through a glorified p plaid beadasta maker to soften, mix colors and p plaid beadowders, and to and ensure workability. The design is then "built" from the inside out, layering slices and p plaid beadieces of clay on top plaid bead and around each other p plaid beadroducing what is referred to as a "cane". The cane begins at several inches in diameter, multip plaid beadle inches thick, and is p plaid beadulled until thin while still maintaining the cross section's design. It is then cut and manip plaid beadulated into various styles of beads and designs. Although each bead is very slightly different it is amazing that the designs maintain nearly all of their integrity throughout the manufacturing p plaid beadrocess. Although each bead is made one at a time, the p plaid beadrocess allows (and demands) that when making a cane it will ultimately p plaid beadroduce several hundred beads. This technique, referred to as "millefiori" technique has been around for thousands of years, p plaid beadrimarily utilizing glass, and only recently has been used to rep plaid beadroduce imagery and p plaid beadatterns to p plaid beadroduce glasswork-like beads.

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