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Jewelry Boxfabric covered box, jewelry organizerfabric covered box, earring organizerfabric covered box, trinket box. A pretty and practical way to hold all those little things girl collect



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This Box is fashioned in the style of a little house and was designed for little girls. An adult can enjoy it as well. The "roof" is green calico cotton/p trinket boxoly and the body is blue background with p trinket boxink/red flowers. The p trinket boxink door in the front op trinket boxens the box, is covered with lace and has a small keyhole. It closes securely with velcro. A round white lace medallion sits on the front p trinket boxart of the roof. There are 16 virtually unbreakable see-through drawers, both of which make it very p trinket boxractical. They are hand p trinket boxainted. The box is built on a Akro-Mils storage container, which is made from recycled p trinket boxlastic. The box can be hung on the wall which makes for easy access and frees sp trinket boxace on your counter. The box will arrive at your destination with two anchor/screws which makes it easily attached securely to the wall. We will also enclose Avery labels to designate the contents of the drawer, which is op trinket boxtional.Suggested contents for little girls to p trinket boxut in the drawers are toy jewelry, little dolls, little cars, trinkets, beads, marbles and charms and even real jewelry such as earrings, rings and small brooches.

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