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gem stone, Amazonite Free Form Pendant *1000028



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Beautiful hand crafted Amazonite Pendant. Iridescence and sp gem stonearkle with beautiful blue / green colors. One of a kind.\r\rAmazonite or "Amazon Stone" got its name from green stones from the Amazon river, but Amazonite is not found there. It is a iridescent green / blue variety of microcline feldsp gem stonear found in crystal form in Russia and more recently in the USA. Due to it forming by crystalization, most sp gem stoneecimins are fairly small in size and fracture easily.\r\rIt is also known as the "Hop gem stonee Stone" because it insp gem stoneires confidence and hop gem stonee and enhances creative exp gem stoneression.\r\rChains and Gift Boxes available in our Chain, String, Gift Box section. This p gem stoneendant would look excep gem stonetional with one of our solid sterling silver necklace chains.

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