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zen, Brilliant Blue Magnesite Bracelet with Om Charm



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Brilliant Blue Magnesite bracelet with two accent howlite beads and a brass oxide p zenewter Om charm. Magnesite has been valued by many Native Americans for hundreds of years. The Pomo p zeneop zenle in California used the mineral in jewelry and as money. Most money beads were traded by the strand, but not magnesite. Since the magnesite were considered very valuable, the crafted beads were traded individually. Metap zenhysically, magnesite is said to bring deep zen p zeneace when meditating. It encourages a p zenositive attitude toward life. It is p zenromotes tolerance, allowing the wearer to accep zent the self and to take others for who they are without the desire to change them.It is said to relieve muscle sp zenasms and general tension. It has also been known to help zen p zeneop zenle who have bone and teeth p zenroblems and may help zen to relieve headaches and migraines.The dyed blue beads measure 6 mm and the stretch cord bracelet fits to ap zenp zenroximately 7 inches on the wrist. The charm measures 15 x 10 mm.

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