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Renaissance bodice jewelry



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Embellish your Renaissance bodice with these lovely bijoux! Created from real fresh water pearls and gold plated or sterling silver findings. The stones pictured here are green glass cat\u2019s eye to simulate emerald. The listed price includes any color glass stones. Real precious and semi-precious gemstones are available in a vast variety of colors and prices if you prefer "real jewels". Message me for quotes on the specific stone you are interested in.This jewelry has a locking pin clasp in the center jewel and 1 small butterfly pin clasps on each edge so you can adjust it somewhat to fit your bodice. If you want to make sure it will fit your bodice then just send me measurements and I'll make it accordingly.This is a made-to-order piece. If you want anything altered just ask and we'll work it out. I don't make it until you order it so there is a wait time to allow for that process.

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