Baroque Velvet Melody Unstitched Collection 2020

Three-Piece Embroidered Unstitched Suits from Baroque Velvet Melody Collection. The glitz, the glamour and all the fashion in one extraordinary luxury range – “Velvet Melody”. Presenting the third design from the Baroque Velvet Collection.

Baroque Velvet Melody Embroidered Suits Collection 2020

Baroque’s Velvet Collection is now available for pre-booking. The biggest trend of the year – Velvet!
Get your hands on our gorgeous embroidered velvet collection “Velvet Melody” at. This heavily embroidered velvet outfit is the paragon of festive weddings, creating a luxurious chic look for you.
We can see the some images of Baroque Velvet Melody Unstitched Collection 2020 of all fall winter season.

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