Elan’s Luxury Unstitched Summer Lawn Collection 2019

Mostly dresses lawn designs, the name of Elan’s Luxury Unstitched Summer Lawn Collection 2019 we’re bringing you the ultimate shopping experience with our luxury unstitched collection, Tissue de Luxe; 10 sumptuous designs crafted from the highest quality of pure chiffon and meticulously embroidered with tilla and threadwork. Available by the lawn, you can use these versatile and artistically illustrated fabrics to create elegant outfits that stand out. Opt for long flowing kaftans for evening glamour or shorter, more structured silhouettes for daytime festive occasions. It was the perfect day to kick off the festivities.

Elan’s Spring Summer Unstitched Lawn Collection 201


The sun shone softly and a cool breeze shook the strands of marigold hanging from the trees. The girls had an ethereal glow making them seem lit from within. The sunlight caught the glistening threads of their clothes, animating them as they danced around the patio fully immersed in their merriment. It was a scene of idyllic fantasy, the joy like an elixir transporting the onlooker into a world of love and harmony.  Tissue de Luxe – Unstitched Luxury Fabric.  You can see the some images of Elan’s Luxury Unstitched Summer Lawn Collection 2019 all spring summer season.

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