Qalamkar Catalogue Senorina Linen Collection 2018-2019

Newly dresses designs, Qalamkar Catalogue Senorina Linen Collection 2018-2019 are combining passion and raw emotion, this weaves together the heart and the soul in an unfathomable nexus. “The unexamined life is not worth living. Satiating the hunger of the gypsy this dress lets the contemporary woman take the reins and embrace modernity with grace. It’s when sunlight falls in love with rain that rainbows are born in love. The western and eastern harmony is such spell biding that it brings the joys of the west to the realities of the east and in that appreciating the true nature of human interaction.

Catalogue Senorina Linen Collection 2018-2019 by Qalamkar

This collection is inspired by the dynamics of love and neglect, forgiveness and censure. It is represented in the contrast between intricate patterns and the emotional color palette. The human body is the best work of art. The crowd will not matter as the grandeur of this dress in all its uniqueness delivers a powerful statement in unison with the individuality it inspires, that you have arrived. The designs instil a love for design and painstaking craftsmanship, with the vision to create designs that women can wear on momentous occasions. You can see the some images of Qalamkar Catalogue Senorina Linen Collection 2018-2019 of all season.

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